During spiritual development people reach higher consciousness. As higher a consciousness is, as less is the suffering in life and as more is the beauty in life. Consciousness is the filter through which you experience the world and your life.

If you wear a blue sunglass the world will be blue.  If you ‘wear’ a dull consciousness, your world, your life will be dull. If consciousness is clear and alert, your life will be nice. Yajnas, which are a particular vedic performances, clear your life, help to progress in life, direct you towards higher states of consciousness.

Yagya or yagna?

With the help of vedic pandits, with yagnas, with meditation, with other vedic techniques you can develop.  Vedic astrology also is a mean for this. So as much yajnas are present in your life, the less you will suffer and the more you will enjoy your life.

First from waking state of consciousness you can reach transcendental consciousness. Than as the effect of transcendental consciousness appear in your daily life, by time you reach cosmic consciousness. The next step is to reach god consciousness, unity consciousness, than Brahman.  This is real evolution in life, don’t miss the opportunity to try our yajnas.